vrijdag 5 september 2014

Heyhey lovelies!

I am SO excited for the new school year to begin. Here in Belgium, when you don’t have to resit your exams, you have a 3 months summer holiday. And that always seems amazing at the beginning of the holidays, but when you have done every holiday activity you can possibly think of and you still have 2 weeks to go you get bored as hell. And that is my situation at this very moment. I even started a ‘Danathon’, aka watching every youtube video Danisnotonfire has ever made and I feel like I’m going crazier and crazier every day. Help!

So that’s why I decided to get prepaired for the new school year to come. I’m starting my second year of Journalism in a new city (Mechelen) and I could not be more excited about that. A new school, new people to meet and most of all: a new room to decorate, yay!
With every new schoolyear come new stationery supplies, so I hopped in my car, drove to HEMA and went stationery crazy. Here’s what I bought! (Btw; I know it's kinda weird to put stationery in the 'Fashion Friday' category but I just see all these cute little things as accessories.. so there ya have it)

A small personal agenda, a bigger school agenda (how CUTE is that anchor?!), three cute pens, labels, some retro looking sticky notes,  fine colored pens, some cute little stickers and printed washi tape, because it makes your wall look so much more prettier!
I also printed out this planning kit by my favourite French blogger Natacha Birds. She’s a webdesigner and an illustrator and on her blog you can find the cuuuutest wallpapers and iphone backgrounds to download FOR FREE. I can’t wait to decorate my room with this; a to do list, a calendar with ‘special dates’, a year calendar, a school calendar and a week calendar!

Can't wait to start decorating my desk! How excited are you about the new school year?

Lots of love,

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