zondag 7 september 2014

Beautiful Sunday: My Autumn Makeup Musts

Heyhey lovelies!

Another reason I like autumn and its colder weather: red cheeks from the cold wind are the perfect excuse to put on some extra makeup but it’s not as cold and windy as in winter yet so the makeup does not drip down your face. I always feel like I cannot wear too much makeup in summer because it’s easy to overdo it, so as soon as the leaves start falling down I go a little makeup crazier. So I checked up on the autumn make up trends and these are my favorite things that I will definitely try!

1)      Metallic touches
I like how these eyeshadows look: a bit metallic, but not overdone so it doesn’t make you look like a robot. I’m really glad that eyeshadow doesn’t have to look as light and soft in autumn as in summer. I’m not at all an eyeshadow expert though, so it’s gonna take me some practice to get this right!

Donna Karan


2)      Eyeliner
The eyeliner and defined eye makeup is back, happy dance! I just can’t live without my eyeliner; I have very small eyes so I try to always make them look a little bit bigger with a line. And apparently it’s a go go to use eyeliner this autumn so hell yes, to the drugstore it is!


Tom Ford

3)      60’s inspired
Along with the retro fashion that’s totally back this autumn comes, ofcourse, the makeup! I can’t wait to start watching tutorials on how to create the perfect 60’s look and try things out.



Sadly, thé lip trend this autumn is all things nude. No more dark lipstick, I guess… Might just wear it though, I love those dark colors wayyy too much!

What are your Makeup Musts this autumn?
Lots of love,

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  1. Autumn makeup is my absolute favourite. I'll still be rocking a dark lip though ;) x

  2. I know right! They just can't take that away from us :D x