dinsdag 28 oktober 2014

DIY: Halloween Headband

Heyhey lovelies!

Only three more nights until the most awesome night of Autumn arrives: It's almost Halloweeeeen! Me and my girlfriends have a special Halloween tradition: our very own pub crawl with a special dresscode for the night. This year we decided to just dress up fancy and all wear a Halloween accessory. Since I don't really have something like that in my closet and I didn't feel like buying some cheap looking skeleton earrings I decided to get creative and make something myself: a cute little pumpkin headband! It's super easy yet super cute so I decided to take pictures of the process and make a little tutorial on how to make it. Hope you enjoy!

What you will need:
*Black ribbon (not too thin, you want to make sure your headband stays on your head for the whole night!)
*Orange fabric
*Some paper
*A pair of scissors
*A pencil
*A black marker
*A utility knife

Step 1: Draw a pumpkin shape on a piece of paper (if you're not much of a drawer - like me - you can always try and google 'pumkin shape' and just use that as your pattern)

Step 2: Use this shape to draw a pumpkin on your fabric

Step 3: After you have cut it out, make two little 'incisions' in your fabric with the utility knife. We're gonna put our ribbon through this later, so make sure the incisions are not too big but big enough to fit your ribbon through.

(I made mine a little bit too much in the middle of the fabric, but ofcourse it's up to you how you want your headband to look like)

Step 4: Put the ribbon through your fabric

Step 5: On the side where both ends of the ribbon come out, you can draw a face on your pumpkin or completely customize it to your own taste

Et voila, you're done! Now all you have to do is put it in your hair (making a knot in the headband was actually harder than I thought) and you're ready to go on your Halloween adventure! 

Ofcourse you can completely go loose with the pattern and make it whatever you like. I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and let me know when you're gonna make it yourself! I'd love to see pictures of your creations.

Enjoy your evening, and mostly, enjoy Halloween!

Lots of love,

dinsdag 21 oktober 2014

Things people don't know that bloggers do

Heyhey lovelies!

When I wasn’t a blogger myself I used to think that bloggers had the most fabulous lives, always had some fancy event to go to where they, ofcourse, looked glamorous as hell.  After all, as a reader you only see what the bloggers want you to see, which makes it look like they have perfect hair and wear the perfect outfit every freaking day. But now that I am a blogger myself I started to realize that there are a lot of things ‘us bloggers’ do that we don’t really want to put out in the open. So I asked a few of my fellow blogger guys and gals for some ‘secret inside information’ and I’d thought I’d share it with you. After all, bloggers are only people, yo.

Here are 13 things people don’t know that bloggers do (on a regular basis):

·       Writing a blogpost on your fabulous life in your bed wearing pj’s with a bar of chocolate next to you 
·       Remembering today is your blogging day and quickly search google for ‘blogging ideas’ because you are all out of inspiration
·       Putting on an outfit jus to shoot it for the blog and then spend the rest of the day in your pj’s
·       Painting the nails on one hand for nail polish swatches and then forgetting to paint the nails on your other hand so you look like a freak all day
·       Buying new makeup/products and immediately want to try them out but you can’t, because OF COURSE you have to take good pictures of them first
·       Making room on your desk/table/ bed to take the perfect Instagram picture while the rest of it looks like a hurricane passed through
·       Buying new clothes or products when you clearly don’t need them, but telling yourself ‘I have to buy these for my blog’ (I am so, SO guilty of this)
·       Getting really enthusiastic for a city trip just because you can blog about it afterwards
·       Not eating your food until you have got the perfect pictures of it, and then putting loads of ketchup and other stuff on it that doesn’t really look good on camera
·       Wearing those gorgeous new heels that go so well with your outfit and then taking them off to never wear them again because goddamn, they make your feet feel like they’re getting stung by jellyfish
·       Convincing (okay, kindly forcing) your mother/sister/boyfriend/anyone who is with you that day to become your personal photographer because yes, you NEED outfit pictures
·       Filming videos in jogging pants because no one’s gonna see your legs anyway (and just changing shirts when you’re filming a few videos in a row)
·       Doing your make up for a post, take pictures of it and then take it all off again and not leave the house for the rest of the weekend

It’s not all glitter and sunshine. Most of the blogging life is, of course, spent behind a laptop screen. But we love it, and we will continue doing it for as long as we want to. Because it is just the best hobby ever.

Enjoy your evening!

Lots of love,

zondag 19 oktober 2014

Beautiful Sunday: Concealer, a life saver

Heyhey lovelies!

Let me just say this: I genuinely believe I cannot ever live without concealer again. Yup. I’m a big, huge, ENOURMOUS fan of that little product that makes our skin look so much more alive, even on a hangover morning when your face looks like a truck drove over it. And oh yes, you guessed it right, I recently bought a new one. REVIEW TIME!

I bought the Bourjois Paris Healthy Mix correcting concealer. It says on the tube that it’s a ‘fruit therapy’ concealer and that it has apricot (for radiance) and raspberry (as a micro-circulation activator) in it. I don’t know how much of that is actually true but the concealer does smell very fruity. It’s also an oil free concealer, and you can definitely see that in the texture. It’s very light and easy to apply and blends in the skin nicely.

At first I thought this concealer was gonna be a little too light on my skin (since I have a slightly darker skin tone) but after applying and blending it in it matches my skin tone perfectly and makes my face seem so much more lit up. I can’t really explain in another way, but it makes it look like there’s a light built in it. And that is a very good thing, since I tend to look like a hungover zombie in the morning.

I think I paid around €10 for this little tube which seems expensive but in my opinion, it’s really worth the money. I already know I am gonna use this concealer for a looong time since it’s so light and it does exactly what I want it to do: make my skin look more alive.

Do you often use concealer? If so, what is your favourite one?  I’d love to hear!

Happy Sunday!

Lots of love,

zondag 12 oktober 2014

Beautiful Sunday: An Ode to Gel Eyeliner

Heyhey lovelies!

So I am the type of girl who likes a nice, bold eyeliner look. However, since I have small, hooded and watery eyes, this is not always easy to do. When I first started experimenting with make up as an early teen I used to come home from school with eyeliner all down my face because the wind made my eyes water. So after trying a shitload of different products I finally found the perfect eyeliner solution for my hooded, watery eyes: gel eyeliner!

I discovered gel eyeliner via my best friend who had bought a little pot of Essence eyeliner and said that it was the best. I bought the same one and I immediately fell in love with it: it came with a small brush to apply it and for the first time I had an eyeliner that didn’t leave marks on my eyelids. Usually with liquid eyeliners I could draw a perfect line, but since those products don’t dry so quickly I would have a print of the eyeliner on the top of my eyelids, because of my hooded eyes. Unfortunately, the Essence gel eyeliner dried up after a few months and I had to buy another one. So I went to my local drugstore and found this Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner. And it is, by far, the best eyeliner I have ever used. It’s quite a small pot and it’s not that cheap, but once you start using it you realize that there’s actually a lot of eyeliner in that little pot. I’ve been using it for about 3 months now and I think I could easily go another year with it, as long as it doesn’t dry up.

This eyeliner also comes with a small brush but I bought a separate eyeliner brush because I didn’t like the one that came with it. It has a round tip and the hairs are quite thick what makes it not easy to create a perfect line. I bought a regular eyeliner brush from BE and the reason I bought this one is because the hairs are put in a square and they are slightly longer on one side. I think these types of brushes are the best for applying a gel eyeliner since they make it so easy to create a wing at the end. They also give you the freedom of drawing a really fine line as well as a bold, thick line, it just depends on how much gel eyeliner you put on your brush.

So, I hope I might have helped some of you with these tips, I know that gel eyeliner to me has been a revolution. It makes my makeup look so much better and professional!

Enjoy your evening!

Lots of love,

zondag 5 oktober 2014

Beautiful Sunday: My Latest Favourites

Heyhey lovelies!

Lately I've been really loving two new beautyproducts I bought this summer so I'd thought I'd share them with you. After my summerjob (which involved a lot of opening of cardboard boxes with my hands) the skin on my hands and around my nails had become extremely dry. My hands looked absolutely hideous with all the skin peeling off. Handcreme worked for a while, but it only soaked in and after a few days all the dry skin was back because the creme never got rid of the dead skin cells. So one day I decided it was enough, went to Rituals and asked the beauty consultants there to help me with my ugly hands. The lovely lady recommended me a hand scrub and LORDY LORD it has been a lifesaver. I also bought a cuticle cream from Essence to make sure my cuticles look nice and neat.

The hand scrub is called 'Miracle Scrub' with Giseng and Ginkgo Bilboa and has a lovely, soft smell. The texture is amazing too: the little grains almost look like glitter and are not harsh on the skin at all. After the first try I already felt a difference to my hands and after a week of using the scrub every evening before going to bed, all of the dead skin was gone. All of it. 

The cuticle cream has a light texture and doesn't feel greasy, something I was very pleased about. It smells a bit like apricot and when you apply it to the skin around your nails it soaks in almost immediately. That's a big plus for me: I don't like having to wait for something to soak in the skin and not be able to do stuff. 

Conclusion of the two products: Go get 'em. 

Enjoy your Sunday!

Lots of love,

vrijdag 3 oktober 2014

Fashion Friday: OOTD

Heyhey lovelies!

My first ever outfitpost, eeeeeh! I’m so excited! As you may know, I’ve started my second year of Journalism in a different school and in my class is a guy with a camera (and some knowledge about that thingie) and he was kind enough to shoot an outfit with me! I know the pictures are a bit awkward, but I am still very uncomfortable in front of a camera. I hope you like them anyway!

What I’m wearing: a New Look denim sleeveless shirt, black and white Boohoo leggings, pink Bershka sandals and some cute little rings I found at I Am. This is probably gonna be the last summery outfit of 2014, since the weather is getting colder here. I actually don’t mind at all, autumn is my favorite season of aaall times and I can’t wait to layer up and show you some of my Autumn Outfits!

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this very first outfitpost and I will be back soon with more of them!

Enjoy your evening!

Lots of love,