zondag 16 november 2014

Heyhey lovelies!

'T is that time of year again: The nights get longer, the weather gets colder and the streets turn into festive lanes of Christmassy coziness. Another specific of this time of year: Lips get dry and chapped. Yup, it is lipbalm season again!
I just cannot live without lipbalm during the months of November to February. My lips are usually fine in Spring and Summer, but Autumn and especially Winter are HELL. My lips get chapped so easily and they hurt like crap. You can imagine how annoyed I was when I went visiting my boyfriend in the Netherlands last week and forgot to bring lipbalm. Fortunately we went shopping at Bataviastad so I could pick up some. We went into the only beautystore there (which turned out to be Beautyheaven On Earth, with lots of famous makeup brands at half price) and there I bought this Gérard Brinard Vitamin E 'Lip Plumping' lip balm. There were a lot of different versions of this lip balm but I picked this one up because it contains vitamin E (although I have absolutely no idea what vitamin E does to my lips, but I figured it can't be bad).

And I turned out to really love this one! It says on the container that it's highly moisturizing and softens the lips, and that it does indeed. When I first applied this lip balm I actually felt a slight tingling in my lips, almost like I could feel them repairing (this sounds weird, I know, but I swear to God I felt a tingling) and after one day my lips already felt and looked a whoooole lot better. You only need to apply one thin layer of the lipbalm, and it feels light and not greasy at all. I also like that this lip balm doesn't smell or taste like anything, I just prefer my lip balm that way. Another bonus: the lip balm comes in a tube and not in a pot so you don't have to get your fingers dirty to apply it.

Overall conclusion: I'd recommend this lip balm to anyone who hates having dry and chapped lips. It's my new favourite skincare item and I will definitely buy this one again, maybe even try out the different versions of it.

Have a good evening!

Lots of love,

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