dinsdag 21 oktober 2014

Things people don't know that bloggers do

Heyhey lovelies!

When I wasn’t a blogger myself I used to think that bloggers had the most fabulous lives, always had some fancy event to go to where they, ofcourse, looked glamorous as hell.  After all, as a reader you only see what the bloggers want you to see, which makes it look like they have perfect hair and wear the perfect outfit every freaking day. But now that I am a blogger myself I started to realize that there are a lot of things ‘us bloggers’ do that we don’t really want to put out in the open. So I asked a few of my fellow blogger guys and gals for some ‘secret inside information’ and I’d thought I’d share it with you. After all, bloggers are only people, yo.

Here are 13 things people don’t know that bloggers do (on a regular basis):

·       Writing a blogpost on your fabulous life in your bed wearing pj’s with a bar of chocolate next to you 
·       Remembering today is your blogging day and quickly search google for ‘blogging ideas’ because you are all out of inspiration
·       Putting on an outfit jus to shoot it for the blog and then spend the rest of the day in your pj’s
·       Painting the nails on one hand for nail polish swatches and then forgetting to paint the nails on your other hand so you look like a freak all day
·       Buying new makeup/products and immediately want to try them out but you can’t, because OF COURSE you have to take good pictures of them first
·       Making room on your desk/table/ bed to take the perfect Instagram picture while the rest of it looks like a hurricane passed through
·       Buying new clothes or products when you clearly don’t need them, but telling yourself ‘I have to buy these for my blog’ (I am so, SO guilty of this)
·       Getting really enthusiastic for a city trip just because you can blog about it afterwards
·       Not eating your food until you have got the perfect pictures of it, and then putting loads of ketchup and other stuff on it that doesn’t really look good on camera
·       Wearing those gorgeous new heels that go so well with your outfit and then taking them off to never wear them again because goddamn, they make your feet feel like they’re getting stung by jellyfish
·       Convincing (okay, kindly forcing) your mother/sister/boyfriend/anyone who is with you that day to become your personal photographer because yes, you NEED outfit pictures
·       Filming videos in jogging pants because no one’s gonna see your legs anyway (and just changing shirts when you’re filming a few videos in a row)
·       Doing your make up for a post, take pictures of it and then take it all off again and not leave the house for the rest of the weekend

It’s not all glitter and sunshine. Most of the blogging life is, of course, spent behind a laptop screen. But we love it, and we will continue doing it for as long as we want to. Because it is just the best hobby ever.

Enjoy your evening!

Lots of love,

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