zondag 19 oktober 2014

Beautiful Sunday: Concealer, a life saver

Heyhey lovelies!

Let me just say this: I genuinely believe I cannot ever live without concealer again. Yup. I’m a big, huge, ENOURMOUS fan of that little product that makes our skin look so much more alive, even on a hangover morning when your face looks like a truck drove over it. And oh yes, you guessed it right, I recently bought a new one. REVIEW TIME!

I bought the Bourjois Paris Healthy Mix correcting concealer. It says on the tube that it’s a ‘fruit therapy’ concealer and that it has apricot (for radiance) and raspberry (as a micro-circulation activator) in it. I don’t know how much of that is actually true but the concealer does smell very fruity. It’s also an oil free concealer, and you can definitely see that in the texture. It’s very light and easy to apply and blends in the skin nicely.

At first I thought this concealer was gonna be a little too light on my skin (since I have a slightly darker skin tone) but after applying and blending it in it matches my skin tone perfectly and makes my face seem so much more lit up. I can’t really explain in another way, but it makes it look like there’s a light built in it. And that is a very good thing, since I tend to look like a hungover zombie in the morning.

I think I paid around €10 for this little tube which seems expensive but in my opinion, it’s really worth the money. I already know I am gonna use this concealer for a looong time since it’s so light and it does exactly what I want it to do: make my skin look more alive.

Do you often use concealer? If so, what is your favourite one?  I’d love to hear!

Happy Sunday!

Lots of love,

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