zondag 31 augustus 2014

Heyhey lovelies!

August is over, time to share with you my favorite beautyproducts of the month!

Prada - Candy

First up: my new perfume! I had been looking for a nice perfume for some months but never really liked the ones I tried. This one however I immediately lovvvved. It smells sweet but is not too heavy, but it's not too light either so I can wear it during autumn and winter. Just lovely!

Louis Widmer anti-ageing Hand Balm

Allright, I know I don't need 'anti ageing' handbalm since I'm only 20 years old, but this cream has really helped me the last few weeks. I had a summerjob that involved carrying and opening a lot of cardboard boxes with my hands so that resulted in a lot of broken nails (fml) and a lot of callus on my hands. This cream worked ultimate wonders. Since I've started using it my hands have actually become softer again!
Givani Moisturizer with SPF

This brand of beauty products is not available in other countries than Belgium (I think) but it is amaaaazing. Before I used this moisturizer I used a cheap one from Hema and it did the trick, but my skin always felt very oily after I applied it. This one however sinks into my skin (is that even a correct sentence?) immediately and applying foundation after it goes perfect. Not cheap, but definitely worth the money!

Astor Perfect Stay Foundation

So a few weeks ago, I went to Madrid with my boyfriend and my luggage got lost on the plane. Awesome. But that happening was ofcourse a very legit excuse to go shopping, and so I did! I had to have some foundation and in some little drugstore I found this brand Astor. I had never heard of it before but it has been the discovery of the summer. It matches my skintone perfectly and doesn't feel like I'm wearing a mask. Great find!

Astor Play it Big mascara

I bought this one for the same reason I bought the foundation, and again I was really pleased with this brand. The brush makes my eyelashes separate and it doesn't clump at all, what more do you want in a mascara?

What are your summer beauty favorites?

Lots of love,

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