vrijdag 15 augustus 2014

Fashion Friday: My Online Favourites

Heyhey lovelies!

So last Friday I ordered some clothes on Boohoo and on Wednesday, they arrived! I’m super happy with all of them, they’re even more gorgeous in real life! I’m saving up for a good camera so outfit posts will come reaaally soon, but I didn’t want to give you guys crappy iphone pictures so I hope that’s okay!

Don’t you just love online shopping? Personally, I’m not a big shopping fan. Don’t get me wrong, I’m addicted to fashion, but when I go shopping I prefer to do it completely alone and I get bored when I don't find what I want after two stores. So YAY for online shopping! You can buy anything you want, literally a-ny-thing, and you can do it in bed in your pajamas. HEAVEN EXISTS
Okay, enough rambling, on this topic I thought I’d give you guys some tips on online shopping and list up my favourite online shops. Hope you’ll enjoy and you’ll try them out if you hadn’t done that before!

1)      Asos
Ofcourse. Probably everyone knows this shop, but it just couldn’t be missing in my list. Super cheap, beautiful clothes and NO shipping costs, wherever on this planet you live! I admit, the quality of the clothing isn’t always the best (ofcourse that’s almost impossible with cheap clothes) and sometimes the fit isn’t right either. I bought a dress once that was sowed really weird so I’ve never worn it, but I didn’t want to send it back because that’s way too expensive..
Overall conclusion: good service and nice clothes if you’re not going to a fancy event.

2)      Boohoo 
My latest find. Much like Asos, only British and with better quality clothes (in my short experience). I ordered two pairs of treggings, a maxi dress, a crop top and a sweater and all of it fits perfectly. The treggings and top feel amazingly comfortable, the sweater is just plain wonderful, warm and in a beautiful colour and the maxi dress (pictured below) is very vavavoom (as Miss Bradshaw would say). Before I received it, I was kinda worried that the fabric of the dress would be too thin and you’d see all of my underwear underneatht, but the opposite is true. While the fabric is not thick, it is thick enough to cover your little imperfections. I still need to explore this website a bit more, but definitely great so far!
Picture: boohoo

3)      ILove Crafty (accessories) 
Jewellery handmade by a lovely British lady with a pinch of kitsch. Donut necklaces, cat rings, mermaid earrings.. you can find them there! Maybe not for everybody, but definitely a good website for girls that love happiness, the colour pink and kitschy things!

Pictures: I Love Crafty
4)      Kling 
Kling, aaaah my lovely Kling! I’ve loved this Spanish shop ever since I discovered it 5 years ago. The clothes are edgy and like nothing you see anywhere else (the main reason I love it so much) and their cute bags and accessories are TO DIE FOR. When I was in Madrid a couple of weeks ago I just HAD to go inside (since they only have this shop in Spain) and I bought this beautiful marine-style shirtdress with the word JAWS on it (I discovered later in the evening that if you wear it and you look in the mirror, the letters JAWS become SWAG.. oh well :p) and it is one of my favourite dresses EVER.  I also bought a little blue bag with white clouds on it for my sister and she has been wearing it non-stop so I guess it’s safe to say we share a favourite shop! As I said before, you can only find the real-life shop in Spain but they also sell everything on their website (free shipments within the EU!). Definitely go check them out!

So, those are my four favourite online shops at the moment! I’m sure I’ll discover other shops and that my top 4 will change so I’ll keep y’all updated! And as always, I hope I inspired some of you.
What are your favorite online shops and why? You guys like online shopping or prefer the real deal? Let me know!

Lots of love,


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